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About UBMS


The Upward Bound Math and Science program provides academic courses, project based-career oriented activities and college awareness/preparation for High School students during afterschool, Saturday and Summer sessions.

UBMS services the following high schools: Clemente, Kelvyn Park, Mather, Clark, Roosevelt, Senn, J.Stearling Morton Freshman Center, J.Stearling Morton East and J.Stearling Morton West.


  • VEX Robotics ClubsHigh School students meet to learn STEM through the use of robotics and robotics competitions.
  • Code Satuday (gaming)High School students learn how to use game strategies to develop games focused on STEM content while programming in different languages.
  • Saturday Science ResearchHigh School students learn about graduate education reserach methodology at Columbia College Math and Science Department.
  • ColloquiumPreparing youth for society and personal growth.

What’s New


iMATHination Conference
The Chicago Teachers' Center will hos the 6th Annual math teacher professional development conference at St. Charles, IL.


Robotica League Scrimmage
The UBMS program will host the a VEX Robotics Scrimmage Comeptition for the Robotica League at the Chicago Teachers' Center.


Saturday Spring Semester Begins
The UBMS saturday sessions for Spring 2012 will provide activites in science research, gaming and architecture.

Educational Philosophy

The Upward Bound Math and Science program support and promotes the vision of Northeastern Illinois University and the Chicago Teachers' Center.

Transforming Vision into Action
Northeastern Illinois University's Chicago Teachers' Center (CTC) is the largest school improvement organization in Chicago. Founded in 1978, CTC develops collaborative partnerships that engage the entire community in helping students to succeed academically and socially.

Developing Approaches That Work
CTC brings together teachers, parents and administrators, and staff from community agencies, universities, arts and cultural organizations, and businesses to share knowledge and resources to: Increase Access to Education, Build Learning Communities, and Transform Education Practices.

Committed to Core Values
The Chicago Teachers’ Center and Northeastern Illinois University are dedicated to an educational mission that empowers and supports students, families, educators and the community.

Coming Soon


STEAM Conference
UBMS in collaboration with Columbia College Math and Science Dept. will host the 2nd Annual Student STEAM Conference at NEIU.


Summer Program Begins
The UBMS program orientation for summer activities held at NEIU.


Fall Program Begins
The UBMS program fall 2012 programs begina at partner schools and on saturday.